Qbox receiver v2.x firmware – Xiaomi mini router to play high-quality music

Qbox receiver v2.x (custom Padavan firmware) turn your little Xiaomi mini router to play high-quality music (lossless music) wirelessly over wifi from Apple devices such as: iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTunes… to your local Hi-Fi system. Use in your home / office, cafe…

Here are main features included in the firmware:

  • Airplay audio support
  • Logitech client support (stream music from Logitech Media Server)
  • Wifi router/repeater

USB sound application: Compatible with popular USB Sound DACs on the market (digital-to-analog converter for professional audiophiles).

This Firmware has been compiled with Prometheus, a tool released by Freize.net, and is based on the Padavan & N56U project with some customization.